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Sunday, 17 July 2011


Susan Gatlin

Holy Sheet! Amazing trip and loving the commentary almost as much as your fabulous photos. Sorry about the camera but just glad to see you are still alive; been wondering. Safe travels and thanks for the vicarious living.


Gorgeous and amazin and I am so glad that you both survived! Also, being STUCK with the s90 isn't so bad although I can understand you wanted to have the best camera possible to capture those stunning sights.

Boots in the Oven

Thanks, Susan! Yeah, the camera made poor logan VERY sad. We've been having trouble finding truly reliable internet here in Córdoba, Argentina, so we're falling further and further behind with the posts. We'll get there!

Boots in the Oven

Jodi - you're totally right. We met a girl (on the Salar trip, actually) who'd had her camera taken from her at knifepoint in Bogotá and then had another stolen at a hostel in Bolivia; it could absolutely have been MUCH worse. Logan just loves his SLR so much! I thought it was a neat opportunity to see what the little guy could do, and it mostly performed quite well.


wow. you guys are totally totally lucky. that cook screaming that you guys are going to die was probably not just being hysterical. apparently some people without guides, would drive over using a compass, and the lithium would screw with it and it makes you veer just a few degrees shy, you run out of gas, and you freeze to death. our guide told us way too many sad stories like that for any of us to really, ever do it again. not to mention that driving in the salt for hours makes a lot of drivers very dozy. it's definitely a once in a lifetime thing!! but, now that there is an airport there and supposedly more expansion, hopefully the tours will become safer and safer as the years go by.

Boots in the Oven

Hi, Jin! Other cars actually came by while we were stuck, though nobody was able to offer any help or seats (all 4X4's filled to the brim, and without towing capabilities!), so the cook yelling was pretty much completely counterproductive. And the guide had been driving there for several years.

I couldn't imagine just renting a car and taking off in that area without any idea what I was doing! I read before we left that there were occasional fatal vehicle accidents in the Salar, too... crazy.


that said, i'm going back again. lol..

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